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If your department is interested in obtaining a sample for range and field trials, Primary Arms offers an Agency Universal Test and Evaluation (T&E) program to the Military and Law Enforcement Agencies/Departments.

T&E program provides an opportunity to try Primary Arms Optics along with all other law enforcement brands we represent click here for full list.

Primary Arms will also contact third party product manufacturers for your test and evaluation requests. These products will be sent upon manufacturer approval.

Please submit your request using the form. Please click here for T&E Request Form. You must upload a scanned copy of law enforcement ID badge or any other supporting documentation that proves your current Law Enforcement status.

5b5b5b无弹窗_5b5b5b最新章节免费阅读,公憩止痒 小说最新章节免费阅读_公憩止痒 小说最新章节列表,凶宅笔记txt最新章节目录_凶宅笔记txt最新章节目录We can provide additional information, answer any questions and help you accomplish your mission with our exceptional Product Specialist Team.

You can reach us at:

governmentsales@primaryarms.com or 713-570-1905

The information on this page is intended for Military and Law Enforcement Agencies/Departments only. If you are inquiring personal or other requests, please contact our customer service team here.